The Benoni complex, pawn on c5 - part 1

May 3, 2016, 7:52 AM |

One of my students asked what to do about the pawn c5, if white does not push d4d5 right away. Capture or keep the tension ?

My short answer would be : "That depends on how white plays".

Sometimes it is good to keep the tension, and sometimes (more often actually) it is good to capture on d4.

In this serie I'd like to look at some options, of which some of it is home preparation from years ago.

First option in this serie, white plays Ng1-f3 :

Here an example game where a 2400+ player wins against 2600+ in a miniature :

A game that I already showed in another blog posting. The GM playing black gets a bit in trouble in this line but comes up with an interesting queen sac :

And a game where 2100+ wins against 2500+

(22...Qe5 is probably a notation error, and should be 22...Qg5. Which makes sense after white's h2h4, black plays queen to f5) :



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Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez (GM) 11 games
Normunds Miezis (GM) 11 games
Enrico Sevillano (GM) 7 games