The Colle system

Dec 11, 2015, 8:20 PM |

A few of my chess students were interested in the Colle system and asked for game annotation help.

The Colle system is 1.d4 and then e2e3, a passive looking setup, but not without venom. Black needs to respond well in order to not get swept off the board. The drawback is that in some lines black can easily equalize. I find the London system and Torre attack and Trompovsky more decent to play for white.

I decided to try it as white in several games, and will post a few of them with annotations here.







Conclusion :

The Colle system can be nice for amateur chess players, giving good and subtle attacking options, but there's a few lines in which black can get easy play soon.

Against stronger players it could be a good way to play for a draw though.

I might experiment with it more, because it gave me a few fun games, but I probably should study the games of GM Yusupov a bit more. I know that he played the Colle system in the dutch Master league in the last few years.


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