Ups and downs - Blunder losses and creative wins

Nov 19, 2015, 6:59 AM |

Hi dear chess friends worldwide. Are you playing interesting and inspiring chess games ? Or are you just collecting rating points at all costs ? Laughing [1]

Here an exciting wild loss. Against this player I had already 5 losses and +0 =0. In the end he offered a draw, but in the mutual time trouble I moved already in the heat of the moment, and again lost.

Here's a blunder loss. Embarassing ? Nothing is embarassing on planet Earth :)

Here's another queen sac game.

Note how the player with the queen gets too "confident" and starts making a few mistakes.

A short game with a few themes :

Sac time ! :

This following game is the game of the week for me.

I was delighted to find this crazy looking zigzag bishop defending manouvre :



Winning on time in K+R vs. K+R (tss,tss) in blitz using premoves is what some players don't mind to do.

Their premove skills are surely better than mine, hehe (I do not use premove since years, not in online chess, nor in otb chess), but it is not my style to play like that.