Using your tactical skills - part 1

Oct 13, 2015, 4:33 PM |

Doing tactic puzzles every day is one thing, but finding the tactics in your own games is another thing.

Several people find it difficult to spot tactics in their own games.

How can you help yourself to find tactics in your chess games ?

Here's some quick hints and ideas :

1. Check for uncovered pieces.

Check for your opponent's uncovered pieces to possibly exploit tactics, and check for your own uncovered pieces to possibly prevent tactics.

2. Remember that pin tactics occur quite often.

And a pin can be the beginning of a tactic.


3.Do not just recapture, or trade without thinking.

Check if there's a better move.

4.Slowly develop your sense to recognize checkmate positions in your chess games so that you can start to "feel" that there's a checkmate in the air.


For further reading and studying :