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    • All games from the 8th Simul

      Hello guys, Few hours before the start of the 8th simul on, I had completed a long trip from South Africa to Ukraine, which was 9500 km. Hopefully later I managed to take a nap at home and get ready for the simul!   The final result ... | Read More

    • All games from the 7th Simul

      Hello, After some break I managed to conduct one more simul exhibition on server! This time the score was 8,5-1,5 (+7=3), which I find fair, since in one game I managed to save half a point with two pawns down, but in other one I miscli... | Read More

    • Dates for Next Two Simuls in June & July Are Confirmed!

      Hello everybody, Here are the confirmed dates for next simuls in June & July : Sunday ,June, 30  at 10 pm GMT+3 Sunday, July , 14  at 10 pm GMT+3 Time control is 30 min + 30 sec. Simul's lineup is completed when first ten players accep... | Read More

    • Games from the 6th Simul

      Hi, guys!   The 6th Sunday's regular simul on is over. However, in one game I lost a Queen because of premove and in other one I had a mouse slip already on the 3rd move, I managed to win that simul with perfect score! Dates for next ... | Read More

    • All games from the 5th Simul

      Hello guys, The 5th Simul on has just finished. The final score was 8,5-1,5 (+8=1-1), taking into consideration that the game I lost - I lost on time in a superior position. Didn't pay enough attention on my clock and it's funny (or not... | Read More

    • Dates For Next Two Simuls Are Confirmed!

      Hello, Two next simuls on server will take place on following days : Sunday   May,26  at 10.30 pm  GMT+3 Sunday  June,2   at 8 pm GMT+3   First ten players to accept the seek 30 min + 30 sec will participate. Everybody is welc... | Read More

    • All games from the 4th Simul

      Hello, The 4th Simul has become the most lucky for me so far :) The overall score is 10-0. Previous simul exhibitions have been finished 7,5-2,5 , 8,5-1,5 , 8,5-1,5. Next simul's date will be announced soon! You can replay all games in PGN below... | Read More

    • 4th Simul will begin in 2 hours!

      Hi guys! Just would like to remind you that next simul on server will begin in 2h, i.e.  at 7pm GMT+3. First ten players to accept my seek 30 min + 30 sec will participate. Everybody is welcome, see you online soon! | Read More

    • All games from the 3rd Simul

      Hi, guys! Here there are all games from the simul exhibition which was conducted on server on May,12, 2013. The result was the same that at previous simul : 8,5-1,5, but this time I made three draws and had no loss. You can check PGN of... | Read More

    • Next Simul - on May,12!

      Dear members of community! Would like to remind you that next simul will take place on May,12. Start at 9 pm GMT+3.   Time control 30 min + 30 sec. Opponents will be first 10 players to accept my random seek 30+30. Everybody is welc... | Read More