Free Master Simul with live commentary! Friday 23 October! Join now!

Free Master Simul with live commentary! Friday 23 October! Join now!

FM alexsuper1987
Oct 20, 2015, 12:11 AM |

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to invite you at my simul friday 23 October, all can play (if you are new to chess, if you are expert, no problem! we play just for fun!) and it's completely free. I can play 50 games at the same time, so is important that if you want playwrite a comment below and add me as friend.

Time control 60 minutes +60 seconds for each move

The simul start at 3 pm 23 October 2015 [central europe time(Rome or Berlin)]


for more time zone click here

technical information

 10 minutes before that the simul will start, log on live , look in your friends and challange me (alexsuper1987) with 60 minutes and 60 seconds for each move, I must play with white and the game must be unrated.

you can follow this video to understand how challenge me

Are you italian? the same video in italian language

Why play the simul ?

 To improve in chess is very important find stronger opponent and it could be a good opportunity. I will comment all the game live! I will load the video on my youtube channel. And all this is free, so don't wait anymore, join! :D


If you need more informations, send me message or comment in this post.

Join in my group to know other events.


Below the video about the last simul

 See you!

Players List (42 of 50)

  1. chess_dashing
  2. Boogalicious
  3. Phantom268
  4. umehara
  5. Tobiashermansen
  6. Vibhav_G
  7. aneesh2312
  8. OnceUponaCheckmate
  9. user2468
  10. goranjak
  11. 16_TheBestNumber_Pak
  12. not-here-to-play
  13. Gernot66
  14. sharjil3105
  15. arpitjaguar
  16. EdVedder758
  17. CjAlekhine
  18. bladerunner49
  19. ambar111
  20. avaneh
  21. Prantosh
  22. Trickychungo17
  23. REZA2888
  24. souvik1995
  25. rukasj
  26. TechnoramaGaming 
  27. LOC_NAR
  28. 350mde
  29. guruprasad88
  30. mohammad-zabihi
  31. hamed_hakim
  32. SakiTheCoolDude
  33. saisree
  34. oehlpe
  35. Hunsa
  36. Provice
  37. gerboy
  38. jtibon
  39. pmanos29
  40. sroy_8490
  41. EviIPhil
  42. Harish73
  43. Corrnel
  44. aheikkin
  45. Poryg
  46. ionutg
  47. Dr_Hubert
  48. hrchhangte
  49. Journeyman_Jim
  50. sagartheincedible

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