121st Knights Quest: Round 3 (01/10/2016)

Feb 26, 2016, 10:53 PM |

How do I avoid losing games on time?


Here, I look at a game (G/40 d5) where I establish a good positional and material advantage, yet lose the game on time. I wonder if there might be some things I could've done better here, or clear weaknesses on my opponent's end I could've more harshly punished him for and thus make it easier for me to make good moves quickly. During the entire game, my opponent (Ojas Vasisht, an 1150-rated middle school kid) played essentially like a blitz player, moving almost instantaneously every move (though it seemed like that cost him the opportuninty to make more quality moves in the middlegame), and that made it rather hard for me to maintain good balance between making high quality moves and doing so quickly enough without making myself feel strained in tough endgame positions under tight time pressure.