A random Chess.com correspondence game analysis

Mar 23, 2016, 10:45 PM |

Today has been a great day of many firsts in my personal life outside of chess (some of which involve getting through certain responsibilities to make me feel not terribly bad at adulting, yay)--so in addition to that, I figured today might be a new historical day of my Chess.com blog where I do *something* for the first time, that is, write a blog post of an online turn-based game from Chess.com! (NOTE: The ratings reflected here are Chess.com Online Chess ratings, not real life USCF ratings. I wish mine were like that, haha.)


With that in mind, along with the fact that one of my key chess goals for the next couple of weeks is to work on my endgames and feel less intimidated playing against people who are a couple of rating classes higher than I am, I looked through my old Chess.com games and found this one from two months ago. This involved a nice almost-200-point upset, one of my happier moments of Chess.com online games where I'm not blundering in an embarrassing way here :)