CCC Pre-Opening Plus Score #2: Round 2 (03/26/2016)

Mar 29, 2016, 8:31 PM |

Going into round 2 with a draw from round 1, I was expecting to play a slightly tougher opponent, since I drew a higher-rated opponent in round 1. I was right. I ended up facing a 1512-rated middle school kid, who played the Tarrasch variation of the French. This game was by far one of my most interesting and daring ones where I decided to be extra-crazy with a queenside attacking tactic (13...Ba3), though it didn't end up working well for me since I didn't have enough of my pieces placed in a good offensive position for sufficient support.


I had the c-file open on my side of the board, but it seems that I definitely needed the rook to accompany my queen and my bishop pair (also, preserve that bishop from White's knight!)....else all falls apart. But I still feel glad that I at least made this tactical observation, as it made many spectators' eyes open drastically wider around the room...(and it also made my opponent spend 10+ minutes of thinking time just for responding to that one move)


Readers, please feel free to share your thoughts regarding good handling of similar kinds of castled king attacks shall I choose to figure out when they work out well in appropriate positions!