Chess Wars X: Round 1 (01/24/2016)

Mar 19, 2016, 8:18 PM |

Since I've spent a pretty exhausting, but fun, number of hours analyzing the record longest and most positionally/tactically intensive game I've ever played, here's a time for the lols--I'm now posting the record shortest USCF-rated, non-blitz tournament game (both in terms of time and number of moves) that I've ever played in my life :P (I once beat an opponent with Scholar's Mate in a real tournament game a super long time back, but I'm not counting anything of that nature...haha)

Readers, what's the shortest USCF-rated, non-blitz tournament game you've ever had in terms of the number of moves and/or time it took to finish? Feel free to give me a little dose of short game lulzies in the comments ;)