The "What if" Collection

The "What if" Collection

Jul 25, 2017, 12:10 PM |

I will be starting this new "What if" series in which I will be asking "What if" questions on forums and I will be posting the links here. Well before you start reading I will tell you what I mean by those questions. I will be writing about what would happen if the rules of the game of chess changed, and what would the effect be, also I will ask you guys to tell me how do you think it would affect the game.


The "What if's" :

What if the Queen were a combined power of Knight and Rook

That means that the queen will no longer be able to move on a diagonal, instead it be able to hop like a knight (the queen still have the ability to move like the rook ), in some chess variants, it is called a "chancellor".


What if the Knight couldn't hop over pieces

That means that the knight will only be able to move when there is nothing in it way, (example : that on the very first turn the knight on g1 would not be able to move to f3 you would have to play g4 first then the knight could go via Ng1-Ng2-Ng3-Nf3.


What if the Bishop and Knight positions were swapped !!

So the Bishops will start where the Knights used to be and Knights will be where Bishop would be. 

RBNQKNBR%20w%20KQkq%20-%200%201&board=dark_wood&piece=club&size=3 There is a 1 in 960 chance that you will get to play this in a 960 game. 1. e4 2. f3 then Ne3 and Bf2 is the best way to castle kingside for White.


I will soon post more, but you can post your Ideas below