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Yui Is Love #2

Yui Is Love #2

Apr 9, 2016, 12:31 AM 3

Got to keep the Yui train rolling! Hope everyone is hyped to tag along on this magical Chess.com journey where we learn all we can about this magicallest girl! 

It occurred to me that some people may not have any background information at all about Yui, so i figured I'd take the time to clear out some of the basics today! So where is Yui from? Well, Japan could be one answer! She's really kawaii, as they say, there! So kawaii, in fact, that she is the queen of MOE, MOE, KYUN! You may not understand what that means, but just know that it means she's pretty darn cute, my friend. 

You could also say she's from K-On! It's a TV series (an anime) and as a matter of fact, it's widely considered to be the pinnacle of Japanese animation! WOW! So you really should watch it! Sadly, however, some people use that as an argument to claim that Yui is a """ fictional character""". For obvious reasons, this breaks my heart, since there is not even a grain of truth in that. She's very real in my heart and I love her so! For all the wonderful things she's done to me, of course she's real! So don't make up meaningless stuff. It hurts Yui to hear that too. You wouldn't want to break her smile, would you? WOULD YOU??

You'd better not.

THAT'S ALL FOR TODAY, LADS! Tomorrow, we will go through  Yui's life and her amazing personality! My favourite thing! Stay tuned, my Yuibros!!!

Daily reminder that Yui is love. 

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