Yui Is Love #4

Yui Is Love #4

Apr 11, 2016, 1:22 AM |

Moving on from yesterday's post, let's go a little more into detail about the first days of school for Yui and how this GOES TO SHAPE HER ENTIRE FUTURE! DRAMATIC FORESHADOWING!

So after being warned by Nodoka that she may become a NEET if she doesn't find a club, Yui goes on a quest of discovery to find the right club for her. However, she becomes overwhelmed by the massive amounts of choices there is! OVERLOAD PARALYSIS! Do you guys know that feel? It's like when I go to the café to order a plain coffee, but they offer all these variants! It's so hard to choose, aaaaaa!


Poor Yukko.

Yui was in a similar situation. Eventually after lots of thinking, she finds the Light Music Club (K-On bu) is looking for a guitarist! Yui never played the guitar, but she figured she could just go and pay the castanets like she did in kindergarten! Light music is easy music, right? WRONG! Little did Yui know they were to be a badass j-rock band! Formerly, the K-On bu was even a metal band by the name of DEATH DEVIL! We're getting ahead of ourselves, however. 

Yui, unknowing of what awaits her, goes to the club meeting room where she is introduced to Ritsu Tainaka (drummer), Tsumugi Kotobuki (keyboard) and Mio Akiyama (bass).

SPIN SPIN SPIN. Also, there's an extra guitarist there. She is called Azusa Nakano. She joins the band after Yui!

 Yui tries to pitch the idea of playing her castanets, but to no avail. THEY NEED A GUITARIST! Somehow, through the power of persuasion, the other girls convince Yui that she can join anyway and learn the guitar as they go along. Yui doesn't have a guitar and has never played, so an uphill struggle awaits her. But to spare the girls' feelings she agrees. Sweets used as bribe may have been involved too! Of course, a sweetheart like Yui would love them sweets!

Oh my God, she is so sweet.

And thus, the light music club is whole, and as we go through the show, Yui gets to know her newfound friends better!


That's all for today folks! For next episode, which of Yui's friends would you like to hear more about? Please say in the comments below!

Daily reminder that Yui is love.