Yui Is Love #6

Yui Is Love #6

Apr 13, 2016, 10:54 AM |

Yesterday's blog discussions got me excited to hop onto another special edition theme, so I'm proud to present today's blog: Yui Is Love: Giita edition! 

Who or what is Giita? Should we care? Damn sure we should! Giita is important to Yui, making it by definition universally important. As I mentioned earlier, Yui joins the Light Music Club to play the guitar. Since she didn't have a guitar at the time of joining the club, she and the girls of the club go together on several missions to get Yui the guitar she needs so bad. Their excursions ranged from looking at guitars to taking jobs together to help Yui save up money.

One of the jobs the girls take is one where they work as traffic controllers, registering cars as they pass by on certain points on the street. Note two things: (1) If you ever doubted the magical bonding within the Light Music Club, THINK AGAIN! When was the last time your friends took a job to help you save up money? That's right.... Hasn't happened for me either. But that's why I have Yui to make life great regardless! (2) When Yui first hears about the job she likens it to birdwatching and make those hand binoculars, as in the picture. CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!

The result of all this work, together with some manipulation by Mugi to get an 80% discount (remember me saying Mugi could pull off some pretty nasty tricks? Oh, I never said that? Well, there you have it!) is Yui getting the guitar of her dreams. That guitar that truly spoke to her soul. A Gibson Les Paul Standard. If you've been paying attention thus far you may have figured out that Giita is in fact the name of Yui's guitar. What a dream team (just like me and Yui - indeed I self insert as Giita sometimes for Fuwa Fuwa feelings!) Aren't they cute together?

Meido Yui rocks that guitar like a legend. 

Yui, fueled by the special bond she feels for Giita, takes her guitar playing very seriously, and quickly becomes remarkable proficient at playing. She plays every day and (with some help from her sister, Ui) quickly is synched up with the rest of the band. What she lacks in musical theory (which she knows close to nothing of), she gains in passion and originality. 

Most importantly, however, Yui sure does love Giita! She can't be separated from Giita for more than a day without feeling bad, almost jumping out of the window. Also she often brings Giita to bed. Although I would worry about potentially hurting Giita, it's damn cute enough for me not to care!

How does all this play into my own life? Quite remarkably actually! Allow me to take a moment to digress and point out that I play the guitar myself too, since 7 months. And if you thought Yui was an inspiration to me, you're absolutely right! I'd played the piano before, but the style of music didn't fit me. I was more drawn to guitar. But I was worried I wouldn't have the willpower to stick to it, and it costs a lot of money too, of course. But with Yui as inspiration I went through with it. I had a similar feeling as Yui when she went to the store for the first time - first confusion... but then I found the guitar that spoke to me... and here I am today! Inspired by Yui, Ive played almost every day now, and I love it so much! Also, of utmost significance: I named my guitar Yui after best girl, and that makes it so much more special to me. 

I love Yui so much. I mean my guitar. I love Yui Hirasawa 100X more, however!

That's all for today's blog! Not only is it special because of Giita, but also because today is Waifu Wednesday, woo! https://twitter.com/Kawaiioma/status/720313500791369728

Look after your loved ones, my dear Yuibros! Until next blog, please comment what your favourite song featuring Yui is!

Daily reminder that Yui is love.