Yui Is Love #7

Yui Is Love #7

Apr 14, 2016, 2:29 PM |

Today, we celebrate a full week of the Yui blog! Seven days lads! You didn't think I was gonna miss a day for updating the lovely Yui blog, did you? I'd never do something so disrespectful to her! Yui is love and I'm happy to live my life for Yui. So missing a day would be like cancelling a deito on her - heartcrushing and what a lost opportunity to be with best girl too! You may object, however that one wouldn't go on deitos every day but that's just how me and Yui roll! Why be satisfied with mediocrity when I can instead make life perfect with perfect Yui? That's right. Use this as an opportunity to learn from the masters, kiddo!


Today's blog was actually inspired by the insightful comment by a fellow Yuibro over on /c/!

"I love those cute outfits she wears but then again I also Iove her with her school uniform."

I clearly second this and for all confused people, doubtful people, or just those of you out there with horrendous fashion sense, let me dedicate this blog to having Yui give us all a lesson in cute dressing! Just a word of caution, however: be wary of directly imitating her clothing style. It may not work on you. N-no, don't get me wrong, please! It's not because you're balding and your beard reaches further down than Yui's hair! I'd never imply such a thing... heh! No, we accept each other here! No, what I mean is that Yui has the unfair advantage of having an aura of adorable around her, that makes anything associated with her cute! 

"Waaah, my school uniform is so boring and uncomfortable, and it looks too formal " IS THAT WHINING, I HEARDon't embarrass yourself anymore you shameful baka, and instead turn your attention to Yui here. School uniform: Check. Hella cute: Check! Conclusion: Yui makes even dull school uniforms look lovely, even though admittedly it's 99% her and 1% the uniform. Learn from your senpais, regardless!

 Seeing how Yui can pull off the cutest look without even trying, it's no wonder she can show off such an armada of cute outfits! I will dedicate the rest of this blog to this, but because of the plethora of cute there's no way everything can be covered. But rest assured we will revisit this topic in the future!


Part of Yui's magic to how she can look cute no matter how she dresses is her attitude. Yui wears what she wants, when she wants, how she wants. If Yui wants to be dressed as a meido in class, you better respect that. Yui is like the honey badger. She don't give a shit. Also, there's that thing about being sweet as honey of course! Most importantly, however, pay extra attention to one detail: she's still so freaking cute, oh my goddd


 Even when dressing casually at home she's an angel. I really love it when she dresses like this. Looks so sincere and cute without even needing to try! That's our wonderful Yui!

Oh, oooh, oh my... Yu-Yui?! *Speechless*  I'm in love. Oh yeah, I already was! Honestly, though, I fall in love with Yui anew each time I see her!


Okay, I was gonna stop, but this is just too lovely to miss. How beautiful Yui is!

OK time for me to keep my word and actually take a halt for the day! Until next time, which of Yui's outfits is your favourite? Please leave a comment!

Daily reminder that Yui is love.