Yui Is Love #8

Yui Is Love #8

Apr 15, 2016, 4:47 PM |

IT'S FRIDAY MY DUDES! You know what that means, right? Time to put the troubles of the week behind us and party, woo! And who better to party with than the super energetic happy-magnet Yui Hirasawa! So, today Yui will share some tips with you how to best celebrate the end of a hard week and have many unforgettable nights!



Before we get into that, though, I’d like to digress for just one moment to go back to right where we ended yesterday's blog, where I asked you guys to say which Yui outfit was your favourite! Julian over @Twitter had a lovely contribution!

“[My favourite outfit is] most likely her alice in wonderland outfit. But these outfits are the epitome of cuteness in general.”


Very good point, there that I agree with fully! It just goes to show what I said last blog that anything Yui puts on will be super cute by definition, and there's way more cute out there than can be fit into a single post! Thank you for that contribution Julian! To expand on this, let me put another picture up, before we move on, again with the same outfit! I really love this one!




Also, for all you chess fans who wonder what on earth has been going on with this Yui thing over here, I'm happy to inform you that you got your chess related post here! Congratulations! It's also coincidentally the last chess related thing here. So, confused Chessisians, I recommend you to go back to the start of the blog until you realise that Yui >>> chess. RIGHT NOW! When you're finished with that, feel free to return and read on. If you're not convinced by then, then read from the beginning all over again. These are objective truths you must grasp!!



Now, moving onto the party side of things, at last!

So, what are Yui's top 3 tips for a successful party?




Having the right people with you can make or break any party! And to spice the party up, make sure to bring plenty of fun things to keep things flowing throughout the party! Check out this 2-in-1 image showing this in action: Mugi just turned down a free trip to Hawaii in exchange for a board game that she’s bringing to the party! What a friend, and what an amazing game she found, I bet! Thanks based Mugi!





To spice up the fun, bring QT costumes to the party to really get that party feeling rolling! Perhaps you would claim this point is redundant since point 1 already covers it. Perhaps you would also suggest I only brought this up to have an excuse to post more cutiepie Yui in lovely outfits. Well, my response to that is... Uhh, well… D-don't suggest such silly things or Yui Claus won't give you presents for Christmas, you baka gaijin!




WOO, NOW WE'RE TALKING! AWW YEAH GIRLS, THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT!! O-oh, you're wondering about the bottle Yui is holding? Ahaha, that's not alcohol, silly! No, it's just product placement for Korpiklaani, that's all! Mugi visits Finland a lot after all, so it totally makes sense… I swear!

Seriously, though, Keions are pure hearted! As my friend said, only a troglodyte would try to intoxicate a Keion, much less the beautiful Yui! Protect her smile, Yuibros!


That's all for today, guys! Until next blog, please share what your dream party activity with Yui would be!


Daily reminder that Yui is love.