My First Blog on!

My First Blog on!

Mar 9, 2017, 3:36 PM |

Hello Readers!


It's my first blog on Woo-Hoo! I wanted to talk about several different things today which I have been thinking about for a while. A lot of people think chess is for just smart people. Well, I am here to tell you chess isn't just for smart people. If it was, I wouldn't be playing this great game! I am defiantly not very smart. What's very strange is people think I am because I know some about computers, and I play chess a lot. Playing chess doesn't make you a smart person. I wished it do though.


 I'm one of those people who have played chess for a while and then would stop playing for years. Then I would pick the game back up. Does this sound familiar? I believe what happens is we lose interest in the game or sometimes life just happens. No matter what your reason is for getting back to the game, or maybe you haven't stopped playing since you learned how to play. That's awesome! You may be thinking about giving up the game to take up another hobby. That's great if you want to do that! Chess can be very frustrating and very rewarding at the same time. Have you ever beat someone you really had no business beating? If you haven't yet, you will. Keep on playing! I encourage all of you to not give up on the game of chess. We all hate to lose, but one great thing about chess is you can really learn from your mistakes. Keep on playing!


How do I improve my chess, and how do I really get good at this game? I believe we have all asked the question. I believe it takes a very simple task. Take your time! Did I mention take your time? You aren't going to be a Grand Master or even a Master in a year. Your brain only learn so much in one day! Chess isn't easy to get good at unless you have natural talent to play the game. I'd recommend you take your time reading through some books. Chess is a lot like learning how to play an instrument. You start off by learning the basics and you move forward from there. You aren't going to be able to do the greatest guitar solo ever or sing in the right key the very first time. It will take time!


Keep your head up! Chess has a lot do with your mind. If you are already thinking you will lose than you have lost the game to begin with. You might as well not even play the game. No matter what your position is on the board always be optimistic about your situation. You can't be a depressed player! You know what? You will lose games you never should have lost. You will win games you never should've won. You will have days where you don't play well at all. Maybe even weeks were you don't play very well. Maybe, take some time off from chess if you are playing it to much. After all this is just a game. I encourage all of you to have fun playing chess and learn all you can about this great game. Another note, do NOT listen to the saying "Chess is 99% tactics" I don't even think chess is 90% tactics. You have to learn strategy as well! Learn how to play positional chess. You don't have to be able to think 6 moves or greater deep if you continue to learn about positional chess. (I can't think that far ahead at all.)


Some may wonder how far have you come since you started really studying? Back in 2013 or maybe 2014 I began to start studying and playing a lot. I had a guy coaching me from a different website. I went from 1350's to over 1500's in no time. Then I stopped playing again until the end of year 2016. When I came back I was between 1350 - 1450 it would depend on how much I was paying attention. Now, with me studying and going through some books. I am a little over 1600. Remember, at times you will play really well and other times you will play as if you haven't ever played the game before. LOL! (At least I do all the time!)


As of early 2017, I am better at chess than I have ever been. I am not that great still, but I do continue to improve. I am working at it. I have went through several books learning some things I never knew about this game. I encourage you to do the same! Do not give up on this great game! Continue pressing forward!


Thank you very much for reading my first blog! If you have any questions please feel free to message me. Also, if you want to play just send me a game. I like one day games.