Typical Sacrifice Bxe6!
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Typical Sacrifice Bxe6!

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In this blog we will study the typical sacrifice on e6 in the opening.  It's very common when opponent's king hasn't castled and e6 pawn is not defended by pieces (usually because a knight is on d7.)

The point of sacrificing a piece on e6 is to open up the king and prevent it from reaching the safety of his castle. The compensation is almost immediate, as, by sacrificing a piece on this square, you already get 2 pawns back and the third usually follows.

After reading this blog, you will be familiar with this sacrifice and you will be able to play Bxe6 without thinking (Well, I take no responsibility for the consequences, lol)

Lets see some examples, and later we will draw lessons of them

The two first games are queen's gambit ones.

The first one is Capablanca vs Bogoljubov, 1925:

Three years later. Capablancablanca repeated the sacrifice:

In defenses with fianchetto (modern defense, for example) the sacrifice is stronger:

We have Bxe6 sacrifice in Caro-Kann too:

In this game white's king can't castle and sacrifice doesn't work:

In the Sicilian defense there are a lot of sacrifices. In this game Shirazi didn't want to capture the bishop.

In this French game, white captures with queen:

And finally, an Anti-Moscow gambit:


  • After the sacrifice, black's king can't castle, in an open position. Sometimes the king is attracted to the center.
  • Bc8 has development problems.
  • White can win 3 pawns for the piece (e6+f7+g7)
  • White rooks are protagonists. They can use a lot of opened files.
  • In defenses with fianchetto the sacrifice is stronger, because Nxe6 attacks Qd8 and Bg7.
  • White has great initiative, constantly threatening the black king.
  • The psychological factor of all sacrifices
  • Sometimes we can capture with knight, sometimes with Queen... 

As in other blogs... 

Sorry for my english , I'm open to suggestions.  I want to improve my english.

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