new comers and the struggles

May 23, 2011, 3:10 PM |

hello there most of you newer people may wonder why do i always lose or why didnt i see this move. through my studies of my games and play i relized the answer is not because you are a bad player but are not of aware of the whole board most of us newer people as you may find out tend to focus on a particular piece. now while that piece may or may not be as importent as you think most mistakes in a game usually involve this type of thinking while protecting a piece is normally importent you may find that letting the oppent have the piece allows you to have the better position.

ok so what now? you may notice that once you get to the mid game this is like the grey area of chess. unlike the opening and the end game you cant just look on a computer to tell you the solid best move that continues the advantage. as a human and not a computer the key is to take in the whole board pieces and all and determine how importent a piece is in a given position. This is why top players dont lose very often but win and draw is because they have trained themselves constantly to recongize a given position of pieces while the position is not the exact same the placement of key piecesĀ  is the importent thing.

thank you all for reading i know im not a titled player or as great as i would like to be but i hope this blog helps you guys :)