How to Beat Your Dad in Chess

How to Beat Your Dad in Chess

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It seems that I have two or three new readers of my chess blog, so there is finally an incentive to post something new here!

I am going to post a few games that should be both entertaining and educating, especially for chess beginners. I will start with the most intriguing topic - how to beat your dad in chess? We will answer this question using the example set by the great Paul Morphy (1837-1884).

Paul Morphy was one of the greatest chess players of XIX century. He is often considered to be the first player who could have been the World Champion, if only that title existed at the time. The peak of Morphy's chess career came when he beat most American and European masters while being still in his early 20s, but unfortunately, he stopped playing chess a few years later.

Today we will look at one of Morphy's earliest known games. As you already guessed from the title of this blog post, his opponent in this game was his father, Alonzo Morphy.

OK, most of us would probably not play too many games with rook odds happy.png but this game still gives us a few important lessons: 

  • The importance of quick development 
  • The dangers that await the king in the center of the board
  • That it sometimes worth sacrificing a piece or two for attack - especially if you are prepared to calculate variations and think that your opponent might make a mistake in the tactical struggle!