On Kings and Epaulettes
The Russian general Ivan Skobelev and his epaulettes

On Kings and Epaulettes

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As we continue looking at Paul Morphy's games, we are going to learn a new word: epaulettes. It comes from French language and can be approximately translated as "little shoulders". This word came to mean the bright and puffy decorations that military officers used to wear on the shoulders of their uniforms. If you look at the picture, you would agree that they were anything but little grin.png 

What does it have to do with chess, you might ask? Play through the game below to find out!

What can we learn from this game, other than a fancy word? 

  • King's Gambit is a very dangerous opening. Its main idea is to sacrifice whatever it takes to mate Black king!
  • Defending is difficult, even if you are up a piece or two
  • Even the great Paul Morphy could miss a forced mate, so don't be too hard on yourself if you miss something - it happens to all of us!