Thai Open - 3rd round

FM ddtru
Oct 24, 2015, 1:06 AM |

After a draw in the previous round I expected to get another lower-ranked opponent, but suprisingly I got to play against a young IM from India, rated 2464. This was the second game of the day (it was the only day of the tournament with double rounds), so there was virtually no time for preparations. The game started with another Nimzo-Indian, only this time I was playing White. I went for the classical Nf3+e3+Bd3 setup, but my opponent diverged from mainline theory as early as 8th move. I did not get any advantage out of the opening and in fact, I still don't know how to pose bigger problems for Black in this line. On the positive side, we ended up with a rather simple positoin, which never really strayed too far from complete equality.

After this game I had 2 points out of 3 and was still quite optimistic about the next rounds.