First win against a titled player!!

First win against a titled player!!

Jun 3, 2017, 8:46 AM |

Titled players, the pinnacle of the chess world always fill us mere mortals with respect , awe and if truth to be told - a little bit of envy. Their sheer creativity, positional awareness and killer instinct can be a learning source to all of us . Indeed the first thing a chess coach says to his pupils is " study the classics" and " follow master games".


Now we can learn from playing against masters as well. Now before the development of online chess servers the chance to play a master for a common player was virtually zero.You had to be titled or a very strong tournament player with a rating north of 2000 to stand a chance to be paired against a master in OTB tournaments

But since the turn of the century things started to change.With the emergence of ICC, GMs and other masters started playing online .It gave the general public great opportunity to watch them in live action and if they are lucky, may get a chance to play against them.

Now after a decade and half of ICC, has pushed the boundaries of online chess even more. Now a days almost every titled player including the world champion himself is a member of and many of them play regularly on the site! They generally play against other titled players, but often we see them playing against strong non titled players.

Back to my story. Couple of weeks ago I was in the middle of a blitz 3/2 session . I was using my usual seek for games +100 to -100. I was expecting some one between 1500-1700 when I got a game against a frickn WIM!!! That's short for Women's International Master! Yes the title is not as prestigious as IM,GM but still denotes a  very strong player . I was so astonished to see an WIM in my rating bracket that it took me 5 seconds to make the first move!

Of course I thought I was going to get crushed. I even thought of aborting the game to save embarrassment . But the chance to play against a titled player was too tempting. It may be the last time in my life, so I continued . 

I started with e4 .....the game is presented below for your consideration......

So I won the game. But I am not very pleased or happy. May be she was sick or drunk or may be her kids were using the account. And if we play again she may crush me everytime. But on that particular day I won and that will always remain my first victory against a titled player.

The game can be found in my archive on May 17 2017....


Have a great time and see you all soon!