Let them PASS!!!

Let them PASS!!!

Dec 18, 2015, 6:42 AM |

Hi Everyone,

When we first learn chess, we are taught about the relative value of pieces . 1 point for the humble pawn, 3 points for the whacky knight, 3 points for the stately bishops , 5 points for the bada## rooks and 9 for the mighty queen. The king , they say is priceless because you can't capture/exchange it. But as we start playing more and more, we learn that these values are not absolute.In closed positions knights are more valuable than bishops but the cardinals rule on the open board. A bishop and a rook can put up serious fight against a queen.A bishop pair is superior than a rook +pawn. In the end game A king and 3 pawns are better than a king and a minor piece.

But Pawns? Surely they can't compete against pieces? They move one square at a time, move in one direction and can be stopped by just placing anything directly in front of them. And if you put them against a rook- poor blokes just don't stand a chance right?

Here comes that old proverb-" Divided we fall, united we stand". A pawn alone against a rook is weak but connected passed pawns ( absolute value 2) are STRONGER than a rook ( absolute value 5). This is an old saying of chess....but there's a catch. THE PAWNS HAS TO REACH THE SIXTH RANK. Otherwise rook can stop them .  The great masters of old has some saying about the power of passed pawns-   

 Let us first see a static position , white to move and win black rook simply can't stop both passers 

                                                                    one from my recent games displayed at the top, sacrificed an exchange and a bishop for creation and rapid advancement of passed pawn and eventually promoting one of them and winning. When we watch grandmaster's battle, they also strive hard and prepared to do almost anything and everything to create and promote passed pawns.


So put it in a nutshell

1. In every game , creating and protecting passed pawns should be a top priority

2 . Passed pawns should be supported from behind by queen/rook

3. Connected passed pawn at the sixth rank is more powerful than a rook.

Until next time....happy holidays!!!