My First Boden's Mate

My First Boden's Mate

Dec 16, 2015, 7:47 AM |

Hi Everyone,

Since the early days when I first started playing chess regularly I got intrigued by the Boden's mate. A checkmate by using only minor pieces are always beautiful but few surpass the Boden's Mate in elegance .It's the name of a checkmate pattern where check mate is delivered by the bishop pair on criss - crossing diagonal.Sometime the queen can replace one of the bishops but that's not classical Boden's mate per-se. The most famous example of this mate is in the Peruvian Immortal game ( 1934 Budapest)  , where Peruvian Master Estaban Canal sacrificed everything like queen and two  rooks against an unknown player and finished the game with a Boden's mate. There are some typical sequence leading to this mate....

    1. Attacked king usually castled queenside

    2.Just prior to delivering mate, a heavy piece is sacrificed ( Queen/Rook) to open diagonal for the second bishop .

 3.  possible escape squares for the king being occupied by friendly pieces .

I was fortunate enough to spot the possibility of this beautiful mate in a 3/2 blitz game and eventually delivered mate on move 20 after sacrificing my rook on previous move.

I analysed the game and it showed two inaccuracies and one mistake on my part ( acceptable in a blitz game I think!) and no major blunder from my opponent.

The game is presented below for your consideration


Boden's mate is one of the rarest check mate pattern and not seen in everyday's play.It's named after Samuel Boden (1826-1882) an English chess master.The ultimate display of the power of the bishop pair, don't you think?