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Recovering from a Blunder

Recovering from a Blunder

Sep 10, 2016, 2:31 PM 0

BLUNDERS!! The deadly word that haunt every chess player. From novices to super GMs everybody  has blundered in chess at one point or other. Still fresh in memory is the final game between GM Svidler vs Karjakin, where Svidler blundered a rook with only 6 second remaining on Karjakin's clock!As a result he lost the world cup to boot!

Blunders occur regularly in amateur play, specially in fast time controls. Blitz and bullet games are notorious for blunders and we see even masters blunder on chess.com live matches!

So what to do when one blunders? The easiest thing is to click on the little white flag on screen!! Indeed in game between masters there is little point in playing on . But between amateurs a little fight is not unexpected. Specially if the blunder has occurred very early in the game. Of course I am not talking about blundering a queen or a free rook, but maybe a minor piece, or a couple of pawns or maybe an exchange. A good initiative and activity of the remaining pieces may provide some compensations for a prolonged fight.

So how to recover from a blunder? Most important is playing the rest of the game as perfectly as possible. May be your opponent will blunder back at some point! Another thing is to avoid exchange offers from the opponent. He will undoubtedly try to simplify the game. Keeping pieces on board will complicate the game and give the blundering party a fighting chance. Next most important thing is keeping the queens on board for as long as possible. Queen is a very powerful piece and can cover up a lot of weakness. And if queen exchange must occur, one must try to do that at a moment where he may gain some advantage, either positional or tactical.

Lastly gobble up every ounce of material offered . A pawn capture here and there may have a huge impact in the endgame.

I recently played a 3/2 blitz game on chess.com against a opponent 60 points lower rated than me where I blundered a knight within ten move! But I kept on playing and eventually won by resignation . After game analysis showed apart from that blunder I made only 1 inaccurate move in the game. Unless the situation is really hopeless, I think playing on is alright .After all , nobody won a game by clicking on that little white flag! 

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