How to boost your writing skills training chess

How to boost your writing skills training chess

Feb 15, 2018, 5:40 AM |

Playing chess is hard, especially if you have never tried. You have to learn the moves before you can start winning competitions. Over the years, it has been branded a game of strategy. Those who want to go to war, politicians, and businesspersons plan their next steps by sitting down to a chess game. If you lose, you are probably in danger of the same in the real world of things. 

It is a game for the witty.  But what about if you are not skilled enough but you really want to learn the tricks of the game?  A lot of times, those who are learning how to play end up giving up in the process especially when they reach a point when making a move that will lead to capture and death of the king becomes painstakingly difficult.

Another question you might want to ask is: do those who write essays for money play chess? And how has it made them scale their skills?

What is the correlation with writing?

Now, writing is all about skills. If you must appeal to readers, you really have work your way around words in such a way that readers will want to read more and more of your articles.  They expect something witty and catchy. While there are those who are naturally endowed with the phenomenal writing skills, others have to work their way to expertise. 

Another question is; can chess make you a better writer?  Many have tried to link smartness with certain games and chess is always at the top of the list. Apart from making moves that help you plan better, staying ahead of the pack in anything you do mean you must employ some unique tricks.

This post explores this subject in details so you can find a good reason for playing chess henceforth and with an aim of becoming a top writer. Take a look below for details.


  1. Playing chess boost strategic thinking

Planning is a critical aspect of writing, without which what you are simply doing is putting words to paper without direction. At the end of the literary composition, students and even professional writers such as bloggers need to go back to their piece and read through.  The aim is to always determine if your write-up sounds logical and well-thought out.  Chess gamers depend on planning for a working strategy and becoming one of them will definitely make you a skilled writer.


  1. Chasing the king is like looking for your voice and style

A niche varies and is definitive of a specific style.  In chess, the aim of a player is to trap and kill the king. When you translate this quest into writing, you want to put together a moving composition. The voice and style with which you do it are like a game of chess. It helps you carve out your own unique approach and style.


  1. Practice makes perfect

This is a common phrase but it bears significance here. Amateur chess players have to work their way to the top of the game through consistent practice. It is the same way with writers who want to do an exceptional work in what they do.  There ought to be progress, however little it is because, at the end of the day, it adds up to something good.


  1. You want to be like the best players

In a game of chess, you will sometimes compete against those who have mastered the art of the game. However, this should not be a reason to worry at all because even in the writing enterprise, there are established, authors.  The sooner you realize and appreciate this, the better it is for your progress.

In conclusion, a quest for stardom is always anchored on consistency. And just like chess, writers must always practice. It is the only way of becoming a better person at what you do.