don't play when tired :)

Hi all,

This is my first blog post and while I'm still quite new to, I thought I'd post up a nice little example of what NOT to do when playing chess.

I regularly play online in turn-based tournaments as I really enjoy them and don't have the luxury of much time to devote to live (blitz) - plus I'm better when I have time to think :) but anyway, I started a game against an opponent, as below:



I'll give you all three guesses as to what move I played next. It was a spectacular, game defining move. One that, had I been thinking clearly, and not worrying about the next 10 games, I hope no-one will ever make:


About 2 seconds after I pressed submit I saw it. Needless to say, stomach-clenching moment passed and reality set in, I saw the harsh light of day and reasoned that giving up a rook and pawn against a similarly-ranked player was suicide; and resigned.


I've heard that everyone has these moments from time to time so I'm trying to be philosophical and I'd just like to note for other players out there:

1. Don't play chess when mentally tired. A big no-no. I liken it to being drunk - your intelligence drops by, oh, about 3 glasses :)

2. Always take the time to really LOOK at the board. Yes, even in basic openings. I'm guilty of this one all the time.

3. Try to concentrate on one thing at a time - instead of reading about Grenke round 4... :)


Thanks for reading!


  • 22 months ago


    A great lesson that I often repeat, thanks for the article.

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