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Happy Nowruz: How We Celebrate the Persian New Year

Happy Nowruz: How We Celebrate the Persian New Year

Mar 17, 2014, 6:52 AM 2

For most people, March 20 is just another day on the calendar. Another Thursday of morning coffees, rush hours, late meetings and daily chores; But for Persians around the world March 20 is a day of celebration, feast and joy. The first day of the spring season marks the Persian New Year, also known as Nowruz -- that is a combination of two Persian words: no, which means "new," and rouz, which means "day." Together they mean "New Day." The exact beginning of the Nowruz occurs when the season changes from winter to spring on the vernal equinox. Nowruz is a holiday that is celebrated by people from diverse ethnic communities and religious backgrounds for thousands of years. It is a secular holiday that is enjoyed by people of several different faiths. Nowruz is partly rooted in the religious tradition of Zoroastrianism.

Wish that Nowruz brings the blessings of happiness, prosperity and love. Sal-e No Mobarak!! (Happy New Year)."

 با خوبی ها و بدی ها، هرآنچه که بود؛ برگی دیگر از دفتر روزگار ورق خورد

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