Chess Tactics and Why They Are Important

Let's face it: Most kids HATE tactics.

Just moving on a chessboard, and not even seeing the beginning of the game, just moving from a random position that they have just seen.

Well kids, I have something to say to you.


If you don't practice them, how will you see similar themes on the OTB tournaments?

If you don't know how to avoid a tactic by making a bigger threat, how will you win the game if you come into that position?

I'm a kid too-as you may have noticed.

But I'm a smart kid.

And smart kids practice their tactics.


  • 3 years ago


    Hello, I´am a chesstrainer for kids. my first steps for beginners is that I let them solve mate in one exercises, than I go on with mate in two. I have remarkable results. The strenths of the talented kids are rising immediately..(sponi from düsseldorfWink)

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