The Infinity Gambit

The Infinity Gambit

Jul 23, 2015, 9:00 AM |

In this blog, I talk about a new opening that I created called the infinity gambit.

There are six main variation of the Infinity Gambit Accepted.


Of course white course capture the c pawn en passant and transpose into the Tan Gambit.

This is the variation I have been playing in the Tan Gambit
You also should know some semi-slav or gruenfeld theory as white does not have to take on d5.


This is a example of a 14 day per move game in the infinity gambit.

Watch as a formerly 1575 rated player uses this opening and crushes a 1801 rated player (who even knew the theory) in just 11 moves. Blacks iniative came from natural moves while white had to stuggle not to get a disadvantage.

So, if you like this opening, then join