My chess experience

Jul 7, 2013, 8:48 PM |

My name is Samir. I am from Azerbaijan but here I registered from Latvia, because actually now I am living and studying here in Riga. I am 24 years old. Something about Lezgino - my profile name. I took Lezgino from Lezgian people(nationality) who are living in the north part of modern Azerbaijan republic and south part of Russian Federation. We are also living in Georgia and Turkey. The reason of Lezgino simple, I would like you to know about existing of this nationality which have their own language and alphabet as well. This is small introduction about me.

My interest in chess started when I was 12 years old. We played it in "physical culture" class in school when outside was cold. These years I falled in love with chess, and I started to read more books about chess, history of chess, book about some big games and so on. I was going to library for kids and not only, and I was looking for this kind of book. Librarian always was interested about my interest to chess and sometimes I played chess with her :) .

Now I am doing my master degree here and I totally forget about chess. Week ago when I was in labrary(again) with my friend from India, there was chess and I ask him to play. We didnt because of time and after coming home I found this web-page

Now I am in one tournament, not in so good position there, but I think I will do my best ofter some month of training and refreshing my knowledge of chess.

Thanks for your time.