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    • likesforest's World Open games

      Several people have asked me to post some of my games from the World Open. They were G/45 and despite placing in the top 5, the games weren't pretty. Blame it on the time zone or the hotel food. Maybe I just need to study tactics more. Round ... | Read More

    • World Open Victory!

      With 5 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses I was in the top 5 in my section at the World Open 2008.It was satisfying. I do not suck at chess. I played Russians, Chinese, Americans, and an Indian... older folks with experience on their side, younger f... | Read More

    • Will it be Jekyll or Hyde at the World Open?

      I'm competing in the World Open in a week or so.     My practice games make me wonder whether it'll be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde who actually shows up in Philadelphia. For example, here are a couple games I played this week: &... | Read More

    • Mayet-Anderssen, Berlin 1851

      Questions, comments, and especially criticism are welcome. Remember to click the Move List button to see all the interesting variations. | Read More

    • The Endgame Tactician: Queen & Pawn vs Queen

      Q+P vs Q is more common than Q vs P, but it receives less coverage. That's probably because it is complex, and in fact humans knew little about this ending until the advent of tablebases revolutionized its study. Rook and Knight pawns usually ... | Read More

    • The Endgame Tactician: Happy Holidays & Palm Hiarcs

      Happy Holidays! I bought a Palm Z22 and loaded Palm Hiarcs (ELO 2506), Morphy's 472 known games, and 24 issues of Endgame Corner. It's a great chess combo that lets me study while on the go. Cost:  $145 Battery Life (playing):  ... | Read More

    • The Endgame Tactician: dktransform's ending

      This is an exciting ending played by my friend dktransformation. I think it's practical and it contains interesting positions, mistakes, and nuggets of wisdom that we can learn from. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to ask questions, offer a... | Read More

    • The Endgame Tactician: Frontal Defense IV

      This is my final article on the Frontal Defense. We look at positions from real games. These are complicated positions, so don't feel bad if you miss a move. The above commentary is completely my own, but Danielian-Miles is discussed in mor... | Read More

    • The Endgame Tactician: Frontal Defense III

      We're going to look at Frontal Defense on the knight file today, and then examine some interesting games between strong players.   A. Knight Files  The Frontal Defense on a knight file works the same as on a central or bishop file, ... | Read More

    • The Endgame Tactician: Frontal Defense II

      Now that you know how wage a Frontal Defense, we're going to learn how to quickly evaluate whether a position can be drawn via this method.   A. The defending rook needs at least 3 squares of checking distance to hold the draw. B. If t... | Read More