Modes of chess

Oct 6, 2015, 9:50 PM |

I got bored.

1) Suicide chess (2 player)

Basically you try to get rid of all of your pieces. If you can take, you must take

2) Bughouse (4 player)

Everyone knows this so I'm not explaining.

3) 4 board chess (2 or 4 player)

Combine 4 8x8 chess boards into 1 huge 16x16 board. Set up white on one side and black on one side. You may control every piece on the board that's your color except the pieces on your teammate's 8x8 board. In order to win, both kings must be captured

4) 4 piece chess (2 player) 

White gets it's full set of pieces. Black gets K, Q, 2 pawns. White gets 30 seconds on the clock, black gets 1 minute. Same rules as normal chess.

5) Teleporting pawn game (2 player)

White gets 8 pawns and a king. Black gets full set of pieces. White's pawns can teleport anywhere except the 1st or 8th rank. White's pawns can promote when they reach the 8th rank without teleporting. When a king is checkmated, the game is over.