Besides chess books and fiction, jokes/riddles is anther popluar reading choice for me (pigchess1). I here have a blog about jokes or riddles that I have found somewhere. Enjoy.

Feel free to post your on jokes or riddles in the comments.

3 men named "Crap", "Shut Up", and "Your Manners" are driving in a convertible in the highway. Unlike most cars, this one screeches to a very sudden halt when it runs out of gas. When they were driving at 80 mph, the car ran out of gas. Crap, who was sitting in the back, got blown out of the car. Surprised "Crap!" shouted Your Manners. After the remaining men calm down, they realize they must get more gas. So, Shut Up walkes two miles to a Chevron. When he arives there, he sees a big group of police men. They are trying to find a robber that stole a piece of gum from the store clerk's pack of Trident. One police man walks up to Shut Up.  "What's your name?" he askes. "Shut Up," he replies. Baffled, the officer says, "Don't speak to me like that. I'm a VIP! Tell me your name now!" "Shut Up!" says Shut up again, annoyed. "Where are your manners?" demandes the police. "Uhh.. about two miles back, picking up Crap."


Two guys walk in to a bar. The first guy says, "You know? This joke isn't even funny." And they walk out.


There are two people sitting on a park bench. On says to the other, "Listen to this: How many geniouses does it take to change a lightbulb? ONE POINT FIVE!!!" The second guy laughs akwardly, "Ha... Ha..." The first person looks at the other guys, frowns, and states, "Man, you REALLY gotta work on that casual laugh."

Boy: Oh Mom! Can I have that amazing new $5000 bike?

Mom: Son, you can't have whatever you want. Money doesn't grow on trees.

Boy: Uh... Mom? What's money made of?

Mom: Paper. Why?

Boy: And where does paper come from?

Mom: ...




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    um I heard the first joke from someone else and a lot of jokes are not made up by you 

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