my technique and strategy

Feb 18, 2012, 4:19 AM |

     If u r chess player,you have strategy and tactics.  Own my own i want to share this to my friends so that they will know what is the way how i play for them.

In the first game the number one ur to be consider is u are the king's stand in the game your first move is either the pawn or knights.i advice u that pawn,knight and king bishop is ur 3rd move so that u can easily castle. make ur king safe...

In also in ur first play..control the center of the board as u can so that u can have big chance to win...dont let ur king to be chicked..always think ur king if u r i n move..

Dont ur queen attack alone..let ur men activate first scorted the queen...dont exchange ur queen when u have no strong forces in the meddle game..Always consider that ur pawn is the best depence to the enemy.

And more games so that uve experience more technique like that i have... and be the best chess player.


happy holiday!!!



Miko/ a placemaker