david vs. goliath : a ray of hope

david vs. goliath : a ray of hope

Apr 1, 2014, 1:30 AM |

in my previous article, i went over my losses to higher rated opponent. the games shown in that article showed that i blunder a lot when the position becomes tactical or there is no plan for my side.

in this article, i am showcasing games where i am matching my higher rated opponent move for move till i blunder then lose the match.

but these games do show that i have what it takes to defeat a higher rated opponent. enough of talk now, just enjoy the games :


GAME 1 : " i have no idea "

engine matches :


game 2 : "tried a new idea which met with a refutation"

engine match ups :



GAME  3 : " my novelty become my headache "

engine match ups :























all these games have one thing in common: i tried a new idea in each of one of the games :

In the first game, my idea worked quite well but i was not able to handle the resulting position from it.

In the second game, i tried Nde5, thinking that this was good, however my idea was correct but the knight which i choose to implement my idea was wrong, the correct was Nce5 which engine later showed me.anyways, i am happy that at least my idea was right.

In the third game, i tried 2 new moves one is e5  and another is a4. the move e5 and a4 were ok. but i failed to handle my queenside properly which resulting in the loss of the game.


NOTE: in the pictures of engine top-ups,colour codes are :

1) orange--  accurate move     

2) blue--- best move

3) no colour --- agrees with engine.

analysis was done with engine analysing at depth of 30.


stay tuned for more David vs. goliath saga... 

to be continued ....