david vs. goliath: the battle begins..

david vs. goliath: the battle begins..

Mar 18, 2014, 4:13 AM |

well, hi everyone, just today, i have posted the first part of this series. you have not read it then please click here.

in this article, i am going over my recent heart-breaking losses to higher rated opponent.

 game  1 : "i need to check my eye sight"

this game was the first loss in online chess for me.
lessons learnt--
1) always check what you opponent pieces are doing.
2) use your time properly to figure out the best moves.

3) try to play lines which are usually not played by you as it will help you to develop your thinking.otherwise you will be making your moves as a habit.

 game 2 : " novelty busted "

well, this loss broke me totally. lessons from this game

1) i have to learn how to make proper use of my time.

2) playing such unsual lines is fine as long as you can follow common sense ( as in this game, i didn't caslted even when i had a chance)

3) before starting out any sort of attack or exchange ,specially when there is open central file, then make sure that your king is safe.

game 3 : " the curse of impatience "

lessons learnt from this game

1) i have to learn the art of patience 

2) for everything in chess, there is a proper timing . you should be able to judge that correctly.

3) when you have an unstoppable threat then stop your opponent's threats. ( the unstoppable threat by breaking through white's queenside )

4) i need some doses of tactics to analyse the lines in a better way.


here is what engines have to say that this game

colour code-- orange means inaccuracy .red means blunders. blue means best moves. no colour means in agreement with the engine.




























for the above game:


           white black total
Inaccuracy       10(23%)                     7(16%)                       17(20%)              
mistakes      2(4%)         3(7%)           5(6%)
blunders       1(2%)         5(12%)          6(7%)
best moves        17(40%)        18(42%)          35(42%)



after all these losses comes good game which lights up my mood, here is the game. my opponent has beaten many titled players in bullet. check out this link to see the games --http://www.chess.com/forum/view/game-analysis/defeated-a-2730-playerfm-kulinarist go through the pages you will see links to more games..


game  4: " i am happy"

the game is pretty simple. i don't think that it requires analysis as it is case of simple tactics being played.


i would love to hear your views about my games,specifically game 3.

thank you for reading this post.