my online games -part 1

Mar 17, 2014, 7:01 PM |

well, hi everyone, as you shall that in coming days, i will  be making a blog post on my finished online games. i hope that they are interesting. these games have helped learned a lesson and here is my first online win !!

here is what engines says about the moves. moves colooured in blue are the best moves.moves coloured in orange are inaccuracy. moves coloured in red are blunders and moves which are not coloured are the top2 or top 3 move of the engine.

                     white                                 black                   
  Blunders                  1(4%)    0 (o%)
  Mistakes        0 (0%)    2 (8%)
   Inaccuracy        7 (28%)      3 (12%)
best moves       10 (40%)    11 (44%)
i would love to hear what do u think about the game.