Jun 26, 2017, 5:40 AM |

So I wanted an excuse to do this, and I found one yesterday evening. 

It all started when my brother Josiah and I decided to throw the baseball outside for a bit. Not much of anything interesting there. However, as normal, we stayed out too long, and before we knew it, we had to take showers. And that's where things got interesting. 

You see, Josiah wanted to take the first shower, so obviously he wasn't too happy when I got upstairs ahead of him and locked the door to the bathroom. 

Before I keep going, you ought to know that the bathroom in this incident is a "full-bath" with two "rooms." In the first "room" is sinks, cabinets, etc. This leads to the second "room," which has a shower, bathtub, toilet, etc. Hopefully you get the idea. On to the point.

So we have these handy dandy things around the house on top of the doors that we call, "door unlockers." They simply, yes, you guessed it, unlock doors. So Josiah gets a hold of one and comes back over to the bathroom. He slides it through and


He can come in.

I had just come in 15 seconds ago, so I hadn't even begun the process of taking a shower, and it's especially hard to when there are continual bangs on the bathroom door. So when I heard the door "unlocking," my immediate response is to try to hold the door closed while there is force on the other side acting against me. This continues with no progress for about 30 seconds.

Finally, I have an idea.

Still holding the door closed, I reach over to the counter and grab a few things. I stack them up against the door. Of course, they can't hold the door closed for me; they're not that strong, but they could do...

Something else.

I slowly let go of the door handle, and find that Josiah was no longer pushing either. I used this chance to lock the door (only to detain him) and get into the shower. Josiah, hearing activity from farther into the bathroom and realizing that I had let go of the door handle, slides that "door unlocker" back through and "unlocks" the door. Not knowing my little prank, he proudly opens the door wide open.


From in the shower, I hear bottles of facial cleanser, hand cream and cut-healing salve hitting the ground with resounding thuds. I also hear the gasp of a stunned and amazed Josiah.

However, I begin to get worried, having heard some activity in the bathroom. I couldn't see anything, since I was in the shower. So I get out of the shower (when I'm clean, of course) and reach for my towel. I pull it off the rack, and...

A stuffed animal drops at my feet.

I resolved immediately that this was Josiah's work, and immediately chased him out of the bathroom. For some reason, Josiah was laughing hysterically. Holding the door once again, I look over and see that Josiah has put some more stuffed animals on the counter, among my old clothes, etc. 

So I decided it was time for another prank to pay back his prank. I reach over for that same cut-healing salve (keep in mind it was very greasy stuff) and get a dab on my finger. Letting go of the door, Josiah comes in, and 

Um, immediately flees back out, seeing my finger. I laugh evilly. He decides to make a dash for it this time, hoping that he can be fast enough to cross the first "room" past me and close and lock the door to the second room (I don't have a "door unlocker" with me). So he opens the door wide and goes dashing into the second room, thinking TRIUMPH!

Only to find a large dab of greasy cut-healing salve on his arm.

Finding that he had locked the door, I went out of the first room of the bathroom into our upstairs hall to plan some more pranks. I already had this blog thing in mind, ya know.

So I go into our bedroom and put some stuffed animals on top of the door and close the door-mostly, so that the animals stay on the door. 

Well, now there's a problem. I am in the room, and somehow I need to squeeze back out of it. I try, but the door opens so much (I must be too fat sad.png XD) that the animals fall out. However, eventually, after much further unexpected effort, I triumph. 

Then there's another problem. 

You see,  in order to pull my other and final prank, I need a few things out of my room. So I squeeze back in somehow, get a few wooden brick toys, squeeze out, and stack the bricks on top of the door handle that would go into the first room of the bathroom, the one Josiah would eventually be coming out of.

Well, it turned out it wasn't that "eventually" when Josiah came out, as I had just finished stacking the bricks and sat down to watch when Josiah opens the door and


Wooden bricks fall on the tile and Josiah's feet. He was absolutely shocked and literally said, "How did you do that???"

Then, just as I wanted, Josiah heads straight for our bedroom and opens the door wide open, to find

Stuffed animals come hurtling onto his head. I saw the look of surprise on his face as it happened.

Josiah wanted to play more pranks on me to return the favors, but other than making me late to bed by hiding some things from me (which were eventually under my pillow), nothing really happened. 

So there you have it! Probably the most interesting showers we've ever taken, and it wasn't even April Fool's Day. Comment below with bizarre pranks someone has played on you!


Oh, and we did shake hands afterwards.