Barbarians in DC! vs World Open, Day 6

Barbarians in DC! vs World Open, Day 6


After a brief stop to check out the monuments, it was time to return to chess!

Outgunned again by over 100 ELO points for my eighth consecutive game as I entered the final round (not sure what the odds on that were) I no longer cared about things like “technique” or “strategy.”  I wasn’t there to play good moves.  I wasn’t there to examine the inner beauty of abstract thinking as realized through the game of kings.  I was sick of losing.  I was there to win.  It was time to drag him into the mud.  As Conan might say, it was time to crush my enemy, see him driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of his significant other. 

Sam Copeland completed his comeback, going 4/5 in his last five rounds.

All in all, it was a tough tournament for us.  I have to personally admit defeat and grant the victory to the World Open.  They took 5 of my rating points with their constant parade of 1500 plus players, but worry not, I’ll be back!

The experience was a load of fun.  The Tournament Directors were on it, the rounds were paired well, and the entire tournament was run very professionally. 

We had an absolute blast exploring the city as well and watching the July 4th fireworks!

I hope to see all of you there next year!

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