The 11th World Correspondence Chess Championships Final. Blood On The Cards!

The 11th World Correspondence Chess Championships Final. Blood On The Cards!

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Afternoon everyone. Some fantastic chess to share today! Last time round, in my game notes,  I referred to the incredible Gennadi Nesis. I did a blog on him a while back.  

There I mentioned his second place - on tiebreak - in one of my three  favourite c.c. tournaments, so let's take a very 'quick' look at it today. Lots here, but I was having fun. Just enjoy the chess!

The crosstable.

An absolute war, with three tied for first with huge scores. I will quickly give a selection on unannotated games - not including the games in the Nesis article - two feature games with notes, and some pictures. Have fun! Before I forget, two of the payers tied for first place had been in a tie at the top of the table two championships earlier.

Omelchenko down in 11th!! THAT was a strong tournament! I must post on Tonu Oim at some point!

Some games.

let's start with this one.


A rather unusual final position!


via Red Letters.
Could SERIOUSLY play. Amongst other things he was 3rd in the 8th World championship finals.


could play!!

Some more Nesis.

Khalifman and Nesis. via Douglas Griffin.
One with an opening line that we will come back to.
Wonderful chess!

The Great Zagorovsky played in 6 world championship finals, I think. he won one and was second on tiebreak in another.

via chessmail.

Some Zagorovsky. Enjoy. A game which affected the final result of the tournament.

Let's throw in this one next - I rather like it.

Mikhailov and daughter.

Another Ruy Lopez.

The incredible Abram Khasin

via Douglas Griffin

was an amazing player and an extraordinary man. A dual G.M. he lost both legs during the war.I really should do a blog on him.

A quick link.  

So lets get to the winner.

His game against Danner


was a super-sharp theoretical debate at the time - as said above Baumbach was unafraid of such things.

And three games with notes. The new World Champion writes about his win over his great predecessor.

And the decisive win over Nesis. A great story here - I have been there myself twice that I can remember!! All's well that ends well!

And let's give this one to finish.

You can find some material on the winner here:-  

Including this old picture - as well as a couple more. Lovely stuff!

A fantastic game, which I studied for a long time from Tim Harding's book on the World c.c. Championships. I have done some quick notes, but i expect that modern engine's will tell a different story. What a battle!

Fritz - or Friedrich - Baumbach.

I hope you enjoyed my little bit of self indulgence here. feel free to post what you like about the various games - I had no time to do notes to all of them!

Cheers everyone.