The Bishop Sacrifice on h7. A Forgotten Gem.

The Bishop Sacrifice on h7. A Forgotten Gem.

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Well, it's 5-00 a.m. here, and my body clock has dragged me out of bed for work - even though it's Saturday! I have another couple of posts that I am working on, but thought that whilst I am up and about I would throw this together before I forget about it totally.

My friend UAArtur blogs on this site. His posts are great fun!! He recently did one on the well known sacrifice Bxh7, which you can find here:-. 

It put me in mind of the following game that I know from 'The Soviet School of Chess', by Kotov and Yudovich. I hope you enjoy it!

Georgy Lisitsin - the modern interpretation of his name - was a Leningrad Master - he was awarded the Fide I.M. title in 1950 - who came to prominence in the 1930's. He was one of the foundation stones on which the great Soviet Powerhouse was built. His results were good enough, but not  great, but he could play!! I shall give a handful of his games to give you an idea of what he was capable of.

nullHis opponent in the first two - Boris Verlinsky - is a fascinating figure in his own right. Perhaps I will post something about him one day.

Lisitsin was more than capable of holding his own with the best on his day - a few examples:-

nullA nice photo. No soundproof glass booths for the players in those days!

Take care everyone.