Let's sacrifice on h7 !
Part 1

Let's sacrifice on h7 !


What about this?

This is a simple but effective combination. For the first time I was read about it in the chess book for the pioneers of the Soviet trainer Raphail Gorenshtein.
I managed to apply this knowledge to win several games in school tournaments and I was glad of that.
I do not play in such tournaments now, but the sacrifice on the h-seven square serves me in the games on the Internet. If you ask me how many times he is useful to me, I can not answer. Much ... More than one hundred of games I won with this idea.
Here's how it goes:


 What was it? Why White sacrifice a bishop on the h7 and that is a good move?


How it works




Its  Blacks next move



Step 3

If the king retreats back


If the king goes forward, then this is the best defense. You have to apply tactical resourcefulness

Variant with King g6



And variant with King h6


It's time to consider how this mechanics works in games.

Next game is the candidate for the title of the best my game of February
This game you can also see at the Top-5 Italian attacks!
to be continued...

part 2