Bishop + Rook Pawn Ending

Bishop and rook-pawn endgames can be difficult to win when your bishop is on the opposite color of the pawn's promotion square.  The position below is a theoretical draw.  If you haven't seen it before try finding a way for White to win if Black keeps the king close to a8 square.  This is true with the pawn anywhere on the a-file.
The below position is White-to-move and win.  Black's plan is to play Kf7-e6-d5-c6-b7 and get the known draw position.  White barely has enough time to win.  Do you see it?

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    Nice puzzle, thanks!

  • 3 years ago

    NM smarterchess

    Yeah even if you know the concept it probably takes a few variations before you can find the answer.

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    Nice puzzle putting the bishop and pawn on the a-rank to keep out the king.

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    NM smarterchess

    Nice job!

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    I solved the whole puzzle at one go , nice articleTongue Out

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