Candidates Predictions Update Rd 1

Candidates Predictions Update Rd 1

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I'm going to try to keep a log of how well my predictions do from December. In round 1 I predicted there would be some bloodshed with 3 decisive results out of 4.  I scored 50% in round 1, correctly predicting Anand winning and the draw between Giri and Aronian.  Nakamura was pressing for a win around move 20, but Karjakin didn't appear to get anything out of the opening.

Round 1
White Black Result Prediction
Karjakin Svidler Draw Karjakin Wins
Nakamura Caruana Draw Nakamura Wins
Giri Aronian Draw Draw
Anand Topalov Anand Wins Anand Wins


Comparison of the actual and projected standings:

Standings Through Round 1
Actual Predicted
1 Anand 1 Anand
0.5 Karjakin 1 Karjakin
0.5 Nakamura 1 Nakamura
0.5 Aronian 0.5 Aronian
0.5 Giri 0.5 Giri
0.5 Caruana 0 Caruana
0.5 Svidler 0 Svidler
0 Topalov 0 Topalov


I predicted round 2 will see draws in Aronian-Anand, Caruana-Giri, and Karjakin-Nakamura.  Svidler is projected to beat Topalov knowking him down to -2!

Round 2
White Black Result Prediction
Svidler Topalov   Svidler Wins
Aronian Anand   Draw
Caruana Giri   Draw
Karjakin Nakamura   Draw