Candidates Predictions Update Rd 4

NM SmarterChess

I have been tracking my Candidates predictions from December.  In round 4 I correctly predicted 3 of the 4 games.  


Correct Predictions:  10/16, 62.5%
# of Actual Draws to Date: 12
# of Draws Predicted to Date: 12 

Round 4 Predictions:

Round 4
White Black Result Prediction
Svidler Aronian Draw Draw
Caruana Topalov Draw Draw
Karjakin Anand Karjakin wins Draw
Nakamura Giri Draw Draw



Standings Through Round 4
Actual Predicted
3 Karjakin 2.5 Karjakin
2.5 Aronian Anand
2 Anand Nakamura
Giri 2 Aronian
Svidler Giri
Caruana Svidler
1.5 Nakamura 1.5 Caruana
1 Topalov 1 Topalov


Round 5 Predictions:

Round 5
White Black Result Prediction
Giri Svidler   Draw
Anand Nakamura   Draw
Topalov Karjakin   Draw
Aronian Caruana   Aronian Wins


Aronian as White has won his last two classical games against Caruana.  Post your predictions in the comments!