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Old School opened in the King's Indian Defence with a knight sac

Old School opened in the King's Indian Defence with a knight sac

Dec 7, 2011, 11:20 AM 0

 The Old School  defeated the formerly unbeaten Vote Chess Masters (VCM), arguably regarded as the toughest group in chess.com in Team Vote Chess. VCM displays an average rating of over 2000. Among the top rated players in their team are  ka64ei (2425),  rabeaq  (2409), and   COcowboy (2390). The group is administered  by   KiNg_ChApO , Alan_Tudor  and  CaptainJimTKirk  as Super-As and their back-up as Admins are  darkharvest, thegab03, MikeDoyle, Chicken_2, Coopah, minalo, and cpctc.


The Old School team, on the otherhand, has an average team rating of only 1741 with only four players rated above 2000 such as TwoMove (2213), ellge (2052), cup_of_cow (2013), and nac_ (2005).

The game is in the King's Indian Defense: Orthodox Variation, Bayonet Attack Sokolov's Line (E97). In the game, the Old School sacrificed a knight, which was first regarded by VCM players to be unsound. However, the same knight sac was proven to be deadly in a database game between Berezhevsky Evgeny (2371) vs. Sharafiev Azat (2318), as shown in the link.

With the win in a very sharp game against a formidable opponent, I can almost see my teammate tobolskwildnet (1699) doing the victory dance. So here's a youtube video of the game.

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