Class Struggle

Class Struggle

Jan 30, 2010, 7:05 PM |
Saturday, January 23, 2010

The working class cannot be forced to submit by telling tales and spreading fear

Do Justice to TEKEL Workers

When Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is constantly abroad, stops by the country at seldom occasions, he is accustomed to address various crowds ready to applaud every word that comes out his mouth.

The Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) Provincial Chairmen, who got together in Ankara today, is a group that exploit the benefits of political power to the end; a group that would respond every word of the Prime Minister by yelling “Long Live the King!”.

Today at the speech he delivered before these group of apple polishers and broadcasted live by his partisan media, the Prime Minister, who has been sitting on his hands so as not to do anything to solve the problems of TEKEL workers that have been resisting to claim their rights on the streets of Ankara despite the cold weather, explicitly insulted and challenged TEKEL workers and their union, Tek-Gıda-İş.

Erdoğan should know his place
Everybody knows that, besides fighting for their rights, TEKEL workers are also withstanding the attacks of AKP government against the entire working class. This is why a great majority of the society supports their cause.

It is conceivable that the Prime Minister is annoyed by such solidarity, which grows day-by-day and mingles with the commitment of workers. Erdoğan is terrified by this immense solidarity coupled with the steadfastness of TEKEL workers. His words, “not all of those are TEKEL workers”, mark this fear.

As he sees it, Erdoğan is trying to confine TEKEL workers into solitude so as to cow them into submission by breaking the influence of the resistance.

Obviously, Erdoğan feels raw about the resistance of workers and the immense social support given to it.

The argument raised by Erdoğan, “The workers do not want 4-C [the flexible work contract imposed on workers], but are the people working on 4-C not citizens of this country?” is a shame. In plain words, what he is saying is nothing but this: “TEKEL workers must accept conditions of slavery as it is; as we have imposed it on disorganized workers, who have not been aware of their power so far.” This is simply outrageous! Besides, the words of the person who is in charge of the execution, “there are millions of unemployed on the streets who are looking forward for a job”, is a confession of the fact that unemployment is created intentionally to oppress the working class, to force them to work under heaviest conditions.

We believe that Erdoğan’s expression addressing TEKEL workers, “Those who stand by you do not love you as much as we do”, is also ironical. We suggest him to visit the workers at the picket lines and meet their demands if he loves them that much.

Tayyip Erdoğan could continue telling fairy tales to his pals listening to him while sitting on comfortable chairs in warm lounges. However, he has to give up using these speeches through media in order to spread fear and intensify oppression.

If he really wants to put an end to the resistance, what he has to do is clear: the legitimate demands of the workers must be accepted.

Hereby, we declare once again that we stand by the courageous TEKEL workers, and we call for everyone who is uncomfortable with the situation into which our country is dragged, all forces on the side of labor, and our progressive, revolutionary and patriotic people to stand by TEKEL workers, and to support their righteous resistance.

Communist Party of Turkey
Central Office