My Tournament Games 2012-2

 In the last part of past year, i played at two tournaments more one in November and the other December with the scores 4/7 and 5.5/7.

 I selected the better games i played below:

 In the first one my opponent played opening theoretically and we passed an endgame equal. After some suspicious moves i played, he gain the initiative. However, with the better endgame technique i captured the superiority and he defended bad positions worse than me in the time trouble. After his blunder in the move 44, i won the game.

 The second is with Spanish game again, this time against Modern Steinitz Defence. I choose an inferior variation again and only the better middlegame and endgame consideriation could help me:

  Then it was the time of defending an endgame generated by a strange variation of Anglo-Indian Defence with black pieces.

 The last game of that event was against the seeding of the tournament. With the worse technic in endgem and a bit careless game, i lost:

   And it was the time of my last tournament in 2012. It was in the school and nothing could me get out of the attacking(enjoying) chess style against classmates .

 In the first game, although i was better in opening,i made a blunder in 14.move, and my opponent missed the opportunity in 15. move. By the moves going to endgame, i used my superiority.

 During all the tournament, i kept my time at least 20 minutes better than my opponents. Playing so quickly,(the tournament format was 45 min+ 30 sec per move) generally was well,but the game below is an example for the opposite situation. I wasted the winning game and succeed only a draw:

 Then i had to win all two games left.The before is with Spanish Game with white pieces and the last game is a variation of Queen's Gambit Declined turned into Meran with white pieces:



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    good luck :)) please, dont lose against sicilian ;) 

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    well played :)

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